About me


Translator Dutch, French, English and German

Professional Bachelor degree


Teacher education

Adult education

Extra courses


Principal secondary education

GO! Centraal - Brussels/Ghent



Social & cultural work (basic course)

De Federatie - Brussels


Connecting communication

PXL - Hasselt



Solution-oriented teamwork

In-house - Ghent



Voluntary work works: How to succesfully coordinate your volunteering policy

B-pact, Indiville, Give a day - online


Backlash during training

Amazonehuis - Brussels


Tools to discover talents in your team

Mentor vzw - Antwerp


Association's democracy

De Federatie - Brussels


Basics of coaching

Syntra PXL Limburg - Hasselt


Deep Democracy - level 1

Hummus - Mechelen

Work experience

1999 - 2002

Junior Data Entry / Data Controller

Gateway nv - Heusden-Zolder


2000 - 2008

Sworn translator Dutch, French, English and German

Magistrates Court - Hasselt


2002 - 2020

Teacher Dutch, English and German

Language policy, student council, internationalization, social media manager

X plus - Lommel


2020 - 2021

Project employee Education

çavaria - Ghent


2021 - Present

Community Officer

çavaria - Ghent

Guest speaker

Networking session language coaches - Hasselt

> Language policy: a practical example


EdCamp MXM - Atheneum Merksem

> Language policy: a practical example


 EdCamp Mercurius - Atheneum Lommel

> Language education 2.0: What and how?


Celebration 20 years KlasCement - Brussels

> Social media as a partner in professionalization

> Sharing teaching material

> Language education 2.0: What and how?

> Digitalization in education


I gave lectures in several secondary schools, academies of higher education and universities about LGBTI+ related topics.

What else should you know about me?

I cherish alone time.

Recharging my batteries in solitude is essential. I enjoy my own company and personal space.


Deep conversations excite me.

Small talk isn't my thing, but I thrive in meaningful discussions. I seek connections that go beyond the surface.


My inner world is rich.

I have a vivid imagination and a strong sense of introspection. My thoughts and emotions run deep.


I'm a great listener.

I am observant, empathetic, and attentive to others' needs. People often confide in me and value my insight.


Quality over quantity.

I prefer a tight-knit circle of close friends. I invest in meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


I think before I speak.

My words are carefully chosen and deliberate. I value substance and clarity in communication.


I excel in focused, independent work.

I'm a self-starter who thrives in quiet environments. My concentration and dedication shine when working alone.


I'm in tune with my emotions.

I have a strong understanding of my feelings and needs. This emotional awareness enables me to navigate life with wisdom.


I'm selective about social events.

I pick and choose gatherings that resonate with me. Quality experiences are more important than constant socializing.


I embrace my introverted nature.

I'm proud of who I am and recognize the strengths of introversion. My unique perspective brings value and depth to the world around me.


I once did a personality test.

Apparently, my personality type is logistician: I'm a practical and fact-minded individual, whose reliability cannot be doubted.

I'm observant, pragmatic and down-to-earth.

I'm decisive, thorough, and highly organized. I value clarity, predictability, and closure, preferring structure and planning to spontaneity.

I have a deep respect for structure and tradition, and I am often drawn to organizations, workplaces, and educational settings that offer clear hierarchies and expectations.


I pride myself on my integrity.

I mean what I say, and when I commit to doing something, I make sure to follow through.


I rarely hesitate to take responsibility for my actions and choices.

Generally speaking, I am quick to own up to my own mistakes, admitting the truth even if it doesn't make me look good. Honesty is far more important to me than showmanship, and I'd rather satisfy my own conscience than lie to impress someone else.


When it comes to the workplace, I am almost a stereotype for the classic hard-working, dutiful employee.

In all positions, I seek structure, clearly defined rules, and respect for authority and hierarchy. Responsibilities aren't burdens to me, they are the trust that has been placed in me, an opportunity to prove once again that I am the right person for the job.

Punctuality is unlikely to ever be an issue, either in terms of showing up to work on time, or in terms of meeting project deadlines. While I may need clearly set steps and well-defined responsibilities, I am exceptionally loyal, dedicated, meticulous and patient in completing my work.