About me


Translator Dutch, French, English and German

Professional Bachelor degree


Teacher education

Adult education

Extra courses


Principal secondary education

GO! Centraal - Brussels/Ghent



Socio-cultural work (basic course)

De Federatie - Brussels


Connecting communication

PXL - Hasselt



Solution-oriented teamwork

In-house - Ghent



Voluntary work works: How to succesfully coordinate your volunteering policy

B-pact, Indiville, Give a day - online


Backlash during training

Amazonehuis - Brussels


Tools to discover talents in your team

Mentor vzw - Antwerp


Association's democracy

De Federatie - Brussels

Work experience

1999 - 2002

Junior Data Entry / Data Controller

Gateway nv - Heusden-Zolder


2000 - 2008

Sworn translator Dutch, French, English and German

Magistrates Court - Hasselt


2002 - 2020

Teacher Dutch, English and German

Language policy, student council, internationalization, social media manager

X plus - Lommel


2020 - 2021

Project employee Education

çavaria - Ghent


2021 - Present

Community Officer

çavaria - Ghent

Guest speaker

Networking session language coaches - Hasselt

> Language policy: a practical example


EdCamp MXM - Atheneum Merksem

> Language policy: a practical example


 EdCamp Mercurius - Atheneum Lommel

> Language education 2.0: What and how?


Celebration 20 years KlasCement - Brussels

> Social media as a partner in professionalization

> Sharing teaching material

> Language education 2.0: What and how?

> Digitalization in education


I gave lectures in several secondary schools, academies of higher education and universities about LGBTI+ related topics.

What else should you know about me?

I cherish alone time.

Recharging my batteries in solitude is essential. I enjoy my own company and personal space.


Deep conversations excite me.

Small talk isn't my thing, but I thrive in meaningful discussions. I seek connections that go beyond the surface.


My inner world is rich.

I have a vivid imagination and a strong sense of introspection. My thoughts and emotions run deep.


I'm a great listener.

I am observant, empathetic, and attentive to others' needs. People often confide in me and value my insight.


Quality over quantity.

I prefer a tight-knit circle of close friends. I invest in meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


I think before I speak.

My words are carefully chosen and deliberate. I value substance and clarity in communication.


I excel in focused, independent work.

I'm a self-starter who thrives in quiet environments. My concentration and dedication shine when working alone.


I'm in tune with my emotions.

I have a strong understanding of my feelings and needs. This emotional awareness enables me to navigate life with wisdom.


I'm selective about social events.

I pick and choose gatherings that resonate with me. Quality experiences are more important than constant socializing.


I embrace my introverted nature.

I'm proud of who I am and recognize the strengths of introversion. My unique perspective brings value and depth to the world around me.