Embrace diversity

I believe that education - in addition to all other pedagogical and didactic tasks - also has the task of increasing the frame of reference of the students.


Why do students often react negatively when it comes to LGBTQI+-related issues? Out of fear of the unknown. They do not have enough information to form a realistic picture of the LGBTQI+ community. Relying solely on 'well, I heard ...' stories only create divisions.


That is why I want to convince school teams to pass on corrective information on LGBTQI+-related issues to their students. The more correct knowledge the students have at their disposal, the more understanding and respect they will show for the LGBTQI+ community.


It is best to start imparting this knowledge at a very young age; you can start as early as nursery school. Bring diversity into the classroom by using adapted learning materials, among other things.


Remember: the day you plant the seed is not the day you harvest. Be patient and keep doing the right thing.