I started my professional career as Junior Data Entry and later Data Controller at Gateway nv, a company specialised in the digitisation and creation of flight fare databases.


In the same period, I went through the procedure to be sworn in as a translator for the Magistrates' Court of the District of Hasselt, a job I held until mid-2008.


I was really bitten by the translation bug at the time, which also got me a job at the publishing house Zuid-Nederlandse Uitgeverij as a freelance translator.


Because a nine-to-five office job did not offer me much of a challenge in the long run, I decided to make a career switch and focus on education. This resulted in a first, short-term teaching assignment in the 2002-2003 academic year, but was soon extended to a full-time teaching position in Dutch, English, and German from September 2003 onwards.


After a few years working in schools, some extracurricular assignments were added:

- social media manager,

- student council supervisor,

- internationalisation coordinator (Erasmus+),

- language policy coordinator.


Because of my many years of experience in teaching German, in May 2016, the publishing house Van In asked me to collaborate on a digital method for the subject of German, specifically aimed at students with no previous knowledge of the language, who were entering the second year of German.


After eighteen years in the classroom, I thought it was time for a new challenge. I came across the vacancy at çavaria via LinkedIn; their team was looking for an educational project staff member, specifically for the theme of gender and sexual diversity in education. At the beginning of October 2020, my classroom door closed and the door at Casa Rosa in Ghent opened for me.


I now give guest lectures on gender and sexual diversity at various nursery, primary, and secondary schools, colleges, and universities in Flanders and Brussels.

15.02.1999  Data Controller (until 01.02.2002)


01.12.2000  Sworn translator N-F-E-D (until 01.07.2008)


01.01.2001  Freelance translator N-F-E-D (until 01.12.2001)


15.04.2002  Teacher N-F-E-D (until 09.10.2020)


01.05.2016  Freelance author (until 01.06.2017)


12.10.2020  Educational project staff