I consider myself a deep thinker and feel things much more intensely than others. I process and perceive information on a much deeper level than most. I’m perceptive, empathetic, intuitive and self-aware. I’m emotionally intelligent, creative and passionate.


Feeling and processing more intensely has some downsides.


I can’t function without sleep. I don’t do well when I’m sleep deprived. I might feel the effects of being cranky, groggy and on edge more than others. I need more sleep than most to function.


I can’t stand loud noises. The thought of a party or going to a busy bar sounds kind of terrible to me. I get easily overwhelmed where there are large crowds or lots of commotion. Events, like concerts, going clubbing or festivals may be the popular idea of fun, but to me, it just sounds like a direct path to a personal shutdown. I’m not being a debbie downer or boring. I’m practicing self-preservation.


I often feel emotionally exhausted. My empathy often exhausts me. I feel things more deeply and intensely than others, so frequent absorption and reflection of others’ emotions, especially if I’m out all day, can feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster.


I scrutinize social interactions. I’m spot on when reading a situation. I notice things, lots of things. These things are cues others often miss, particularly in social situations. I’m very good at perceiving non-verbal cues and analyzing another person’s tone. Unfortunately, this means I also tend to over-analyze things, which can lead me to making a mountain out of a molehill.


Navigating new environments can be taxing on me, because I have to take everything in before I can start to feel comfortable.


I don’t react well to criticism and conflict. I’m emotional and soft-hearted, which means dealing with me requires a more careful approach. Criticizing me, raising your voice at me, and getting upset with me in any way can hurt me deeply, even if it comes from a good place.


I hate to juggle several tasks at once. I’m much more content giving my full singular focus to whatever I’m doing.


I am emotionally more aware than most, so I feel compassion for someone’s situation quicker and deeper. Because of this, I often end up saying yes to a lot of things I don’t want to do, just to please those around me and avoid letting them down.


I am my own worst critic. I find it difficult to come to terms with my personal failures. I beat myself up over every little goof I made and hold myself to an impossibly high standard.


I require alone time. I require solitude. I can’t be around other people for long periods of time, and some days are simply too much for me to bear, because I process things at such a deep level. I need more time to rest and recover from all the mental and emotional energy I expend.


I am often misunderstood. It can be difficult for other people to relate to me and understand my point of view.